Obstetrics Applications

In 2014, our technologies supported the care of 218,000 babies delivered in our facilities as well as their moms. Our offerings prioritize clinical efficiency and workflow management aimed at an enhanced physician experience by using real time data, viewable on mobile devices in many instances.


Welcome to Obstetrics Technology Solutions at HCA

Our solutions are designed to deliver the best care to every mother and baby while supporting physicians by integrating critical information including fetal monitoring and other documentation into centralized locations and viewable on multiple devices and systems. Our solutions encompass services ranging from Labor & Delivery to the nursery, and NICU assisting physicians with making informed decisions in an enhanced workflow and overall physician experience.

Our obstetrics services mission

With our technology solutions, we intend to optimize the physician’s experience when delivering care to some of our organization’s smallest patients and their mothers. Our comprehensive solution of technology enables the highest quality obstetrics care available where infant security and mom/baby care is a top priority as well as the physician’s experience when delivering care from pre-natal services through delivery and post natal treatment.