Medical Records Applications

Medical record technology helps organize and manage the vast amount of health information data collected across HCA’s 165 hospitals and 115 freestanding surgery centers.


Welcome to Medical Records Technology Solutions at HCA

Our medical records functionality provides facilities critical patient identification and medical record functions to integrate care delivery. In single facilities or multiple ones, the application ensures a common means to identify patients, simplifies coding, and assists with correctly applying all care information for previously admitted patients. Our enterprise patient index includes demographic, insurance, and visit history information for every patient in the integrated care delivery system. With our case management solution, facilities can access across our facilities’ multi-disciplinary care teams, supporting the patient with authorization, certification, concurrent review, clinical documentation improvement, and discharge planning. Robust risk management and infection control functionalities are a part of our medical records suite of offerings.

The goal of our medical records solution products is to coordinate effectively with your existing workflow and provide the critical identification and other medical record functions with other systems involved with quality care delivery.

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