Conroe Regional Medical Center and Clear Lake Regional Medical Center Achieve Level II Trauma Care Designation

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the State of Texas have designated HCA Gulf Coast hospitals Conroe Regional Medical Center (CRMC) and Clear Lake Regional Medical Center (CLRMC) as Level II Trauma Centers. The two hospitals are the first to be awarded this designation in the greater Houston area. “Conroe Regional Medical Center and Clear Lake Regional Medical Center are proud to offer Level II trauma services to the citizens of the communities they serve, services which are sorely needed,” said Troy Villarreal, CEO of the HCA Gulf Coast Division. “Those areas have been experiencing huge growth, and as the leading hospitals in their areas, CRMC and CLRMC need to provide the people who live there with the best trauma care possible. Achieving this Level II Trauma Center status is another example of how we are always striving to serve the residents of our communities. Recovery is greatly increased when a severely injured patient receives care at a designated trauma center within the first hour of injury. The Conroe and Clear Lake medical centers’ trauma programs are staffed 24 hours a day by in-house trauma surgeons and specially trained trauma nurses. Physician specialists are available 24/7 to treat traumatic injuries. “HCA Gulf Coast Division identified a strong need for a Level II trauma center several years ago to support the continued growth in the Conroe and Clear Lake areas. We are proud of the staffs of CRMC and CLRMC for successfully achieving this esteemed status,” Villarreal continued. “This only came about after extensive criteria were met, site reviews, and evaluations were carried out. Achieving Level II designation is extremely difficult, and our staff’s dedication to it is already resulting in more lives being saved in the Conroe and Clear Lake areas.”