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If you need assistance, please call the Southeast Regional Service Desk at 888-252-3397. HCA Healthcare is pleased to introduce a faster, more reliable and easier way to remotely access North Florida Division Applications. Get hCare Access today!

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Request Forms

To request access to our hospital computer network, please select the type of entity you represent from the list below and download the appropriate request form. Upon completion, please FAX to the number located at the bottom of the form. Physician Office staff are set up with the appropriate applications based on the areas of the record you need access to.




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Password Reset

The Password Reset Tool is a self-service tool that allows the creation of security questions that assist in resetting your password. You can access the Password Reset Tool (PRT) by clicking on this icon from the hCare desktop: The first time you use the tool you will need to enroll by logging in with your network ID (3-4 ID) and password. You will be prompted to select and answer 4 questions. These can be used later if you forget your network password.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to reset remotely, after enrolling ensure you have updated your profile to include your email and/or your mobile number.) To reset password log into the tool with your network ID (3-4 ID) and password (if you do not remember your password, you can choose “Answer Security Questions” as your authentication method). Once logged in choose the CHANGE PASSWORD link under “My Profile” on the main menu. Your 3-4 ID will display. To the right type your new password twice in the boxes provided. Click CHANGE PASSWORD. You will be prompted to log off the system and log back in with the new password you just set.

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Technology Offerings

hCare hub

The hCare Hub provides integration between HCA clinical systems and the physician practice. hCare Hub allows the hospital the ability to send electronic clinical results from MEDITECH to affiliated physician practices that have disparate EMR software packages or no EMR at all. Below are the available hCare HUB offerings:


This solution interfaces with your EMR to upload results and reports directly into your pa-tients’ electronic medical record. There may be a cost associated with this option depending on your EMR vendor.


Reports are electronically delivered in a PDF file format to a computer or server in your office. Results can be inserted into your practice EMR by your staff.


Receive a reminder, by text or email, when you have records to complete in HPF (Horizon Patient Folder).


Admission and Discharge notifications are faxed, emailed, or sent to your mobile device daily (or delivery scheduled based on your preference). This includes Inpatient and ER Patients.

PatientKeeper Clinician Portal

An electronic gateway for you to view integrated patient information, clinical data and systems. The PatientKeeper Clinician Portal is a single sign-on process that streamlines access by reducing the number of sign-ons and provides immediate access to your patients’ data from MEDITECH, EKG images and reports from cardiology and radiology PACS systems—all available on your desktop, tablet, or portable device.


A native iOS (Apple) App, PK8 is PATIENTKEEPER for the iPhone or iPad.

HIE (Health Information Exchange)

Through PatientKeeper, launch HCA’s Health Information Exchange to view the patient’s longitudinal health record complete with clinical data from the ambulatory care setting and HCA hospitals across the US.

Horizon Patient Folder

Contains scanned documents, which can be reviewed or completed to satisfy medical record completion requirements.


An evidence-based, physician-authored clinical knowledge system helping clinicians make informed point-of-care decisions. UpToDate Anywhere provides access to important clinical information on your smartphone or tablet.

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