Physician-focused software accessed on mobile devices and web-connected computers for clinical tasks such as computerized physician order entry (CPOE), documentation, charge capture and more; supports the physician workflow through a single environment for accessing and acting on clinical patient information.

PatientKeeper Mobility offers providers anytime, anywhere access to patient clinical data via a native app for iOS devices – anytime,  anywhere. Support for Android planned for upcoming release.

  • Mobile CPOE – extends provider access to electronic ordering and enables them to view and manage new, existing, and expiring orders for their patients on-the-go
  • Mobile Clinical Results – Delivers a single view of clinical patient information from lab and test results to PACS images and medication lists; providers can enter and manage orders, document clinical notes and record professional services using a mobile device while rounding or from any remote location

The desktop version of PatientKeeper streamlines the clinical workflow and offers comprehensive data sets for providers in an effort to make sound medical decisions and deliver superior patient care.

  • Physician Portal – launch point for accessing patient information, personalized patient lists and detailed views of a patient record
  • CPOE – providers can place orders, view medication history, view specific alerts related to drug and allergy accuracy, configure order sets for quick access to favorites
  • Medication Reconcilliation – providers and clinicians can electronically transition patient medications throughout various points of a hospital stay and even at the time of discharge
  • Notewriter – Replaces paper documentation with immediately accessible, legible electronic notes; providers can dictate notes using voice recognition, free text typing and personalized templates
  • Charge Capture – HCA providers can easily record professional services to reduce the lag time between service and charge posting
  • eSignature – Providers can electronically review, edit and sign chart deficiencies including verbal and telephone orders, system generated note templates

Tagged Divisions

This application is being used in the following divisions.

Advanced functionality:

  • North Texas – Notewriter pilot
  • North Florida – NoteWriter pilot
  • East Florida and Tristar – Advanced clinical pilots
  • Continental – mobile PACS images pilot